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Top Tips for pet lovers

by Well Polished Nottingham, Aug 2017

We all love having our pets as part of the family, but they can make keeping your home clean a never-ending job!

Here is our list of handy hints to make sure your furry friends stay in your good books.

  1. Invest in a handheld hoover – perfect for removing pet hairs from the furniture!
  2. Regularly wash your pet’s toys.
  3. Ensure your pet bed has a removable cover, meaning you can put it in the wash
  4. Keep old towels by the back door to wash those muddy paws before paw prints get all over the carpet!
  5. Use a squeegee on your carpets to lift pet hair before hoovering
  6. Put your cat’s litter tray on a mat to stop the litter spreading everywhere
  7. Put food and water bowls on a placemat to stop the bowls (and mess!) sliding about when your pet is eating
  8. Use a lint roller on soft furnishings to remove pet hair quickly and easily if you have guests arriving
  9. Put on your rubber gloves and rub down your sofa/pet bed/carpet to gather up the hair into one easy-to-dispose of ball
  10. Regularly shampoo carpets to keep them smelling fresh all year round