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The 90’s are returning to London!

by Well Polished UK London (North West), Sep 2018

We all secretly yearn for a return to the simplicity of the 90’s. We all secretly miss the high-waisted jeans and the windbreakers. We all remember the golden age of the Spice Girls, the Grunge Era and the Notorious B.I.G expressing his satisfaction with being referred to affectionately as Big Poppa. And of course, Michael Jordan. Truly a magical time.

What if I told you, for one night only, you could revisit the 90’s? Well that is exactly what I’m telling you!

From 10pm to 3am on the 27th of September, TigerTiger in London will be hosting a 90’s style rave night. The event has three rooms: one playing disco and pop, two playing old school hip hop and three playing garage and classic electronic dance.

The event comes with a tuck-shop, obviously only selling 90’s themed sweets, toys such as alien pods, inflatable toys and so much more!

The drinks will be £3 all night, but they aren’t all alcoholic. They even have slush puppies!

Obviously this event is an 18+ (but it’s actually not possible to remember the 90’s if you’re under 18) so ID will be required on the door.

So get your tickets quick for the low price of £7 for a night of nostalgia on 29 Haymarket and party like it’s the 90’s one last time!