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The Hipsters Guide to Visiting North London

by Well Polished London (North), Nov 2018

This guide aims to help those non-traditional travellers who wish to do the things in North London that most haven’t thought of:

 Go to watch a football match

Now, the obvious thing to here is to visit London on a derby day between Arsenal and Tottenham. However, we want to avoid the obvious. So we’d recommend taking a trip to Brisbane Road and watching Leyton Orient play, preferably against their main rivals, Southend United. We can’t promise it will be as exciting as Arsenal vs. Tottenham, however the atmosphere at the stadium is said to be excellent and it’s not something many people will expect you to do!

Visit Forty Hall Farm

Imagine going to visit one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world and ending up in what looks like the East Yorkshire countryside. This 17th century estate is a perfect place for kids to play and hosts multiple events regularly. For example, there will be a traditional farmers market on the 11th of November that looks too good to miss!

Have a Gander around Bruce Castle

For a cost-effective cultural experience, Bruce Castle could not be a better destination. The building in Tottenham has served many different purposes over the years, existing as a home, a school and even a doctor’s surgery! One of their permanent exhibitions is about the past, present and future of Haringey Borough. Truly, a visit to this place would be a historical and cultural excursion.

The Big Sewage Pump

While this one doesn’t sound particularly glamorous, it is incredibly interesting. The steam engine pump in Tottenham from the 19th century has two pumps, capable of transporting 2 million gallons of sewage towards Beckton Works every day! It is a prime example of engineering excellence and again, a place not many others will have visited!