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How to Clean Musical Instruments:

by Well Polished London (North), Nov 2018

34% of adults and 69% of children in the UK play a musical instrument. Its time a guide was created on keeping the most popular of melodic apparatus at tiptop performance in relation to their cleanliness. Here’s how to clean musical instruments:

Piano: for normal maintenance cleaning, wipe down the keys with a damp cloth and then follow this by polishing it off with a dry cloth. For tougher stains, dip your cloth in a water and soap solution to wipe down, and then follow again with the dry cloth

Guitar (acoustic): A cloth or clean and unused t-shirt are perfect for cleaning a guitar. It is actually recommended to blow some warm breath on tougher stains on the guitar and to then wipe down with the same cloth/t-shirt. Be careful not to use paper towels on guitars, as they can actually damage the polish.

Drums: remove the dust using a feather duster and then use a soft cloth, preferably microfiber, to wipe the kit down. Again, don’t use paper towels, as they can damage the skins.

Violin: Apply polish to a cloth (never directly onto the body of the violin) and carefully go over it. Avoid the strings as any abrasive action on them can cause the entire sound of the violin to be altered.