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DJ Trevor Nelson creates Cloud Nine for Carps in his new garden

by Well Polished London (North), Oct 2018

The host of Rhythm Nation of BBC Radio 2 has decided to convert his once sunken and depressing pond into a fish-friendly wonderland. Specifically, he has created a pond for carps to live in.

He moved into his North London house a few years back, and the general consensus was that it needed some work. However, before deciding on a new kitchen or perhaps a nice new master bedroom (as most people would), he had set up award winning designer Matthew Wilson with the task of restoring and revitalising the garden. He hadn’t even had his heating sorted yet!

Nelson has said himself that he’s nit much of an outdoorsmen, but has stated that while his new renovating endeavours are a bit of a money pit, looking out at his garden cheers him up Whatever floats your boat, Trevor!

The acclaimed presenter inherited a very sunken pond with mature Koi Carp and simply didn’t have the heart to give them away. So he’s fished them out and installed them in a more modern raised fish tank.

The designer has stated that it reminds him of a ‘widescreen TV with fishes (sic)’ and Trevor has reported that, after a discussion with the carp representative, they are ‘loving life!’

Keeping Koi carp can be quite tricky, with water quality maintenance and a healthy diet being an essential aspect in keeping them happy. However, for a man like Trevor Nelson, carp care should be elementary!