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The Guide to the Rapid-Clean

by Bex Spires, May 2019

Picture this. You have guests coming round in an hour and a half. You have been busy all week and just couldn’t find the time to clean up. We’ve all been there. You now have two options: The first would be apologising profusely when they come in, which can be a little embarrassing, as we all know. The second, and infinitely more preferable option would be a speed clean. Here we will tell you exactly how to make your cleaning quick and efficient:

  • Start at the top: Always clean from top to bottom, as it will cause dust and dirt to fall down onto lower surfaces. Making sure you don’t have to clean anything twice
  • Gather up the clutter: if you have a lot of general stuff out, put it in a basket and in a cupboard or just out of site
  • Ignore the bedrooms: Chances are, if you’re hosting a dinner party or something along those lines, your guests will not even be going upstairs; let alone in your bedroom. Bedrooms can be ignored in most cases.
  • Spray and leave, when it comes to bathrooms, spray the sink counters with a cleaner. While that is sitting, clean the toilets and return to the counters and sinks later.
  • Scrubbing: When scrubbing down cabinets or other counters, rinse the sponge with hot water. It really makes a difference.
  • Vacuuming and floor cleaning: Vacuum from one far corner of the room all the way out. Never sweep hard floors, as it can just send dust particles into the air, allowing them to settle again and aggravate allergies.