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Dishwasher Misconceptions

by Bex Spires, Aug 2019

Myth:You need to completely clean the plates off before putting them in”

Fact: Your dishwasher is generally equipped to deal with small to medium sized food particles. Just make sure there are no large portions of dinner left on the plate and pop it in!

Myth: “You should put some dishes on the top rack”

Fact: The bottom rack is specifically designed for plates and dishes of any size. The top rack is for smaller bowls and mugs.

Myth:You should put some glasses/mugs on the bottom rack”

Fact: See previous fact!

Myth: “You should group cutlery together”

Fact: While this may seem logical, putting cutlery like spoons right next to one another gives them potential to nest together and, in turn, means they won’t wash properly. It’s a better idea to mix and match cutlery to ensure that it all cleans properly.

Myth: “You should use detergent powder”

Fact: If you’re still using detergent powder, it may be time to consider switching to pods or tablets, as they have been proven to perform much better.