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Top 5 Cleaning products to have at home.

by Well Polished Swansea, Jan 2020

We all need to have general cleaning products at home to help out in any situation from messy children & pets to the little splashes of milk, tea etc. Even if you are not using a Well Polished cleaner, at the moment anyway.

So here are my top 5 essential products to be kept in the cupboard.

1. Multi Surface Cleaner

This is a must have product, probably the most important product in your cupboard. I would not recommend an expensive product as the cheaper one’s do the job just as well.

2.Washing Up Liquid

Another main product to have. Plenty of brands are available but fairy does definitely last longer followed by ecover an environmentally friendly washing up liquid.

3. A Cleaning Sponge or Cloth

The multi surface cleaner won’t work well without a good sponge or cloth to rub the surfaces down with. In my opinion the cheaper the better. The multi coloured ones are ideal as you can assign different colours to different tasks.

4. Bleach

You have to have a good bleach in the house, how would you clean the toilet? It is a very versatile product too. Just make sure it is kept out of reach of children, Again cheaper makes are worth trying as can be as good.

5. Duster & Polish

It’s unbelievable how quick dust builds up around the house. It gets everywhere from the top of door frames to low down skirting boards, TV cabinets all these and more need to be dusted on a regular basis. I find the microfibre clothes are good along with products such as Mr Sheen or the eco friendly equivalent.

So there it is my top 5 cleaning products to keep in the house. Obviously there are other essentials such as mop, bucket, vacuum, washing powder the list goes on. However the above will cover the basics.