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How to Clean and Keep your Fridge:

by Well Polished Swansea, Feb 2019

Many people forget that the fridge can actually be one of the most bacteria filled areas of the kitchen and even the entire house. The idea of cleaning the colossal cool-box can be a daunting one, but here is our guide on how to do it properly and how to keep it clean:

  • Take all the food out: While this could seem like a mess in and of itself, its so important. Throw out anything past its due date, anything you won’t be eating within the next week or anything that may look a little rancid.
  • Clean with natural solutions: Combining baking soda with warm water usually yields the best results, as using chemicals to clean the area you keep your food can be at best unhygienic and at worst dangerous.
  • Odour removers: Turns out baking soda has more than just one use in this regard. If you spread some evenly on a baking tray and leave it in the fridge, it will soak up all odours in your fridge. For tougher scents to eradicate, combine with a tablespoon of vanilla. 
  • Containing leftovers: Leftovers may be the best AND worst thing in your fridge! Deeply satisfying, however an ever present health risk. Make sure to keep them in proper containers made of tupperware and (this is key) date all of your leftovers. You’ll know whether they’re okay to eat without any risk.
  • Fresh food storage: Vegetables and fruit can obviously be left in the fridge relatively without protection. However, its important to keep them in an area of the fridge you will always see. This way, you can monitor how fresh they are