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Questionable Cleaning Solutions #3

by Well Polished Melton Mowbray, Aug 2016

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest, you’ll have seen endless pins on using everyday household items to remove stains or to make cleaning easier. They tend to be hash-tagged #cleaninghacks. But just how much of a hack are they? A study by Good Housekeeping seems to show that some of these ‘thrifty time savers’ aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

One that we’ve tried ourselves here at Well Polished is hairspray on an ink stain, but according to GHK, there’s simply no way this could work… ANYMORE.

Back when our favourite hair-holding sprays contained alcohol – this cleaning solution was definitely NOT questionable – it was genius! But the problem is that nowadays, this essential ingredient is missing so the trick is old news.

Another hack shrouded with question marks would be the infamous ‘fizzy pop down the toilet’! People claim the acidity in this refreshing drink works wonders on toilet bowl stains, but GHK claims it’s a waste of your favourite soda. Coke or Pepsi is just not formulated to clean a variety of different kinds of stains like toilet bowl cleaners — and it certainly won’t kill germs like the store-bought stuff.

Moral of the story guys? Sometimes, the best cleaning solution is the one that requires the most elbow grease. But don’t be sad, there’s no point crying over spilt ink, right?