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Questionable Cleaning Solutions #2

by Well Polished Melton Mowbray, Jul 2016

In a time where the driverless car should be available for purchase in our generation, it’s no surprise really that you can now buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. And with big brands like Miele getting in on the action, surely these user-less hoovers have something to offer in our homes?

These robotic vacuum cleaners are intelligently programmed with a variety of sensors underneath and inside that provide the robot with feedback about its environment (E.G detecting stairs, furniture).

The robots are, of course, automatic. It will work unattended; turn it on and let it do its thing. When you come back you’ll find the room sparkling clean. No special setup or configuration needed – just press the button, and the robotic vacuum will start cleaning without supervision. But will the room actually be sparkling clean?

The companies that sell the robots are the first to admit that these little housecleaning helpers won’t replace your upright vacuum cleaner or mop, and shouldn’t be expected to take over your home’s cleaning requirements. But, they can be expected to help keep on top of the daily chores and hopefully mean you don’t have to do a deep clean as often. Remember, they are meant to pick up dust, hair, fur and crumbs to maintain cleaner floors. You can’t expect it to perform miracles.

Looking through customer reviews, it would appear that the ‘Neato Botvac Connected’ is the most impressive robotic vacuum on the market. But for over £500 for the most basic model, we think it might be more cost effective to book yourself a cleaner with Well Polished?