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How to clean the inside of windows?

by Sarita Gill (MH), Oct 2019

With the weather changing we are getting lots of requests for cleaning the inside of windows. Here’s a few helpful tips to make this dreadful chore easier;

-Brush, sweep or hoover the windowsill – I promise doing this vital step will allow you to get to the mess without adding unwanted dust to your house.

-Remove everything from the window – take away curtains, where possible lift blinds high up and pack away any display items etc. A clear working space will let you clear the mess and not ruin anything else in the process. The last thing is to remove the dirt you’ve taken from the windows off any curtains or blinds (talk about creating more work!).

-Choose the best product – there are several market leading products available to help remove dirt and grim off the corners, but you may need to try a few and see what works best.

I personally love using the Fairy power spray, I get this from my local Tesco and I use this on particularly everything. Just spray and leave! 

It does leave a chemical smell so if your using around your stove or microwave make sure you wipe away with water afterwards but it’s great for window sills.

If all fails call us and book a Well Polished cleaner for a deep clean and we sort out the windows for you.