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Are you Christmas ready?

by Sarita Gill (MH), Oct 2019

Ok, I know we still have Halloween to go but supermarkets have already started putting out cards and decorations in store for Christmas, makes me wonder how prepared can one be for this festive event.

With less than 10 weeks to go the main focuses will be starting on gathering presents for family & friends (believe it or not, I brought my first gift last week!).  We start make the super long food list for the main dinner and stocking up the drink’s cabinet. 

I have complied some short but effective tips to help keep your home sparkling clean for when your guests make a surprise visit and cleaning is the last thing on your mind. 

  1. Make sure you empty your bins daily. With all the food over Christmas this is one area that gets the least amount of attention yet can make the home look like a right dump. Make a rule to empty bins (and clear out the recycling bins) each night. That way if any unexpected guests arrive at least your kitchen will look inviting.  
  2. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. This one’s a bit tough to maintain especially if your drinking but its easy to let the dishes pile up. If you keep washing up dishes as you long along then it will be kept clear during the night  – or better still stick it all in the dishwasher (or if you’re like me you don’t have one, then buy disposals!)
  3. Vacuum daily, If you hoover daily you’ll find that it only takes a few minutes per room. If you focus on the main traffic areas of each room (usually the middle or around the coffee table) you’ll find that the room maintains a fresh, clean look for longer. 
  4. Keep the loo fresh. Ok we all hate it when guests come over and you get that awful feeling that the bathroom isn’t as fresh as you’d like. Hide a bottle of bleach in the bathroom, when need to you can put it down and round the bowl. Not only will it make it sparkling clean but will leave the bathroom smelling fresh. 
  5. Use air fresheners, now I hate a smelly hallway as much as the next person and its even more difficult when your lazy partner (despite being told everyday) doesn’t put his shoes in the shoe cabinet but having guests walk into your home and the first impression they getting a smelly feet it isn’t nice. Buy air fresheners that spray on a set timer or the ones that go off when you walk past them. You might not be able to help with the shoes but at least the area will smell nice.

If all fails, make sure you book your Well Polished cleaner in advance. We will be offering regular cleaning services during Christmas so if the cleaning does get a bit too much, we can help take away the stress of it so you can enjoy Christmas with family and friends.