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Is a Professional Oven Clean Worth the Money?

by Well Polished Market Drayton, Nov 2019

Let’s be honest – our ovens are never really as clean as we’d like! And whilst there are all sorts of ‘off the shelf’ products we can buy to give the oven a good bottoming, is it worth investing in a professional oven clean? Here at Well Polished, we think it can be a great thing to leave to the professionals – and we don’t mean us! We mean a specialist oven cleaning company. These are guaranteed to leave you with a ‘like-new’ oven and there are so many reasons people are choosing to spend the money:

  1. Home cleaning solutions often claim to provide a deep clean solution, but they are often limited in results, eliminating only surface grime and grease.

    Not giving your oven a deep clean can result in carbon deposits or a build up of dirt in filters, this can often lead to affecting the performance of your oven. Professional oven cleaners will be able to remove grease deposits deeper in the oven mechanisms, as well as taking the time to clean all removable parts of your oven including your extractor fan.
  2. It’s common to think you will need to put up with unpleasant fume smells when cleaning your oven. This is a concern for many of us, particularly when there are young children at home who may be near to or reach hazardous areas. It’s true, typical DIY oven cleaners are very potent in your home, but a professional oven cleaning solution should not smell and are classed as odourless. There is no reason why the cleaning process can’t be completed without causing any disruption to your day – even allowing you to use the oven as soon as the job is complete.
    In addition, during a specialist service, your house will remain clean. The companies tend to soak all oven components such as oven trays and racks in a bath outside your home.
  3. As well as cleaning your oven, professional oven cleaners can give you oven a full-service inspection to ensure its working most efficiently, as well as uncovering any damage to your oven.

    Professional oven cleaning specialists dismantle your oven to check its functionality is not affecting performance and ensure every part is cleaned.
  4. With home cleans, you are often exposed to toxic chemicals. There is also the risk of chemical damage to surrounding kitchen cupboards and floors; an expensive situation to put right.

    Most oven cleaning companies maintain a chemical-free environment when cleaning your oven appliance, using non-toxic products, which are safe to use around you and your family, and protecting your home from damage.