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The Manchester National Laughter Championship kicks off!

by David Earnshaw, Aug 2018

Do you feel like flexing you’re funny bone? Reckon you’ve got what it takes to compete with the greats of giggling? Then head on down to the Comedy Store in Manchester to the National Laughter Championships!

Organiser and local funny man Robin Graham knows that these championships are no laughing matter. He is one of the leading laughter therapists in the UK, founder of the UK Laughter Network and the World Laughter Pledge.

He stated, “Laughter can help everyone, from those who wish to be more productive, more creative, or simply feel less stressed or more relaxed.”

And he’s not kidding! Studies suggest that laughter reduces pain, boosts immunity and prevents heart disease. Moreover, laughing with others has been shown to strengthen relationships and enhance teamwork.

The event is non-profit, so even if you don’t feel like competing, you should head on down for a dose of the best medicine around!