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Manchester ranked most liveable city in the UK

by David Earnshaw, Aug 2018

The north-south divide is one of those things that makes the UK a more entertaining place to live. Such as, who has better representatives? The south has Prince Charles and the Queen; the north has Peter Kay and Johnny Vegas. There’s also the age-old debate of who has better music, with the south claiming Blur and Pink Floyd, whereas the north prides itself on Oasis and The Beatles. Arguably, the banter and division is what counter-intuitively brings the nation together.

However, the north has claimed a victory in one battle, with Manchester once again taking the title of the most liveable city in the UK!

It received a ‘liveability score’ of 88.8 out of 100, just edging out London who received a respectable 87.2.

Tourism bosses have suggested it is related their state-of-the-art transport infrastructure, enriched culture and recent property boom.

This places Manchester at 43rd in the global rankings having climbed 3 positions, while London sits at an unchanged position at 53rd.

In order to challenge for 1st, the city would need to contest with the likes of Vienna in Austria, Melbourne in Australia and Osaka in Japan.

Leader of Manchester council Sir Richard Leese said, “Manchester has seen huge growth in the last decade, which can only mean that the city has been somewhere people want to live, work and visit for some years.”

Northerners from all round, Liverpudlians and Mancunians alike, will be putting their differences aside and celebrating a victory over the south.

Better luck next year, London!