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What Kind Of Mummy Are You?

by Sandra Venables, Oct 2016

The Fire Fighting Mummy


When I’m not working, I’m rushing around picking up after people. My tasks can vary from doing the dishes, washing, cleaning or ironing. If I’m lucky I can get a little bit of time with the children before they go to bed, If I’m lucky I may get a couple of hours to do something fun with the children at the weekend, it all boils down to how long it takes me to do the cleaning and that all depends on how much cleaning I’ve done throughout the week. I don’t really get an awful lot of me time to do things like going to the gym or get to spend quality time with my friends. Sometimes my partner and I bicker because I feel I do more than him so I tend to nag him. My Number one priority is to keep on top of the house, to make it a nice place for everyone to come home to. I feel stressed if the house isn’t clean & I find it really hard to relax if we are in chaos. I’m constantly feeling guilty for not spending enough time with the children. I’m constantly feeling guilty because I don’t always do the cleaning properly. My life is just one big vicious circle and I am constantly fire fighting, as soon as I’ve finished one job its time to start all over again.

The Productive Mummy


When I’m not working, I like to grab a bit of me time, sometimes I’ll go to the gym or for a run. Sometimes I’ll visit a friend for coffee & we chat for hours. I can be more productive in work than cleaning the house. In the evening I’ll cook dinner and then spend quality time with the children, helping with homework or maybe reading their favourite story before bed. My partner and I enjoy relaxing and chatting about our day. The house always looks nice and I’m always happy for friends to pop round, even at short notice. I love my guilt free weekends with the family and I love that we don’t feel any urgency to rush back after a fun day out. I love that we don’t have to do a major clean before a dinner party. One of my friends jokingly called me lazy, just because I have a cleaner. Call me what you want, but out of the two of us I’m the one that has the best life balance.Having help with the cleaning isn’t just about the cleaning, It’s about my mind-set I feel more organised, I feel more relaxed. In summary having a cleaner makes me a happy mum, a happy wife and help around the home is definitely contributing to our happy life.