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How to get the most out of your weekly cleaning session

by Sandra Venables, Sep 2016

Make sure you provide your cleaner with a hoover, which is in good working order. Always make sure you keep topped up with your cleaning products. Provide your cleaner with different cloths for different areas of the house, this will help to avoid cross contamination. If you don’t supply your cleaner with the right products and tools, the cleaning could take a lot longer than it should do. Your cleaner is likely to feel much more motivated if she has the tools she needs to do the job properly!

If you’re on a budget and only want a couple of hours per week, why not rotate the tasks? For example, ask your cleaner to concentrate on just a few rooms at a time, she can always do the other rooms the following week. Or maybe have upstairs done one week and downstairs the next. Make sure your home is fairly tidy, that way your cleaner can concentrate on the cleaning rather than picking up toys and other things lying around.

Give your cleaner clear instructions of what you want cleaning. If there’s something you particularly want doing, just ask! If you don’t ask, your cleaner won’t know. Remember your cleaner is there to clean your home just the way you like it. Above all else if your cleaner does a great job remember to tell her how pleased you are.

A little bit of praise can go a long way!