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Freshers Flu

by Rakhee Sahota, Sep 2017

You’re four days into freshers’ week: your head is pounding, you’re cowering under your bed covers and you feel absolutely rotten. Where did it all go wrong? 

With the novelty and excitement of Freshers Week it’s not uncommon for many students to be plagued with Fresher’s Flu at least once during their university experience. When you have thousands of students flocking to the same location to drink incessantly, eat lots of junk food, barely sleep and become well acquainted with one another – it’s inevitable.

Though fear not – catching Fresher’s Flu isn’t actually the end of the world (as much as it may feel like it) and you shouldn’t consider hiding away in your room, missing out on all Freshers’ Week activities, just to avoid it. As we said before, it’s inevitable. So here’s a few things you should know before it strikes.

  1. Drink plenty of water 
  2. An apple a day really does keep the doctor away
  3. Stock up on paracetamol
  4. Breaking a sweat is good for you
  5. Sleep is glorious
  6. Fresh air is necessary
  7. Hygiene is important & Well Polished knows best …


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