Clearing up your Garden

by Sarita Gill, Aug 2020

Are you looking forward to spending time in your garden this summer? Maybe you’ve been good and kept your garden clean during lockdown or maybe like me, you’ve slacked a bit and now you have a lawn full of weed as opposed to beautiful green grass. 

Well if it’s the latter then I can help…as much as I hate gardening, I followed some simple steps to help me get it looking great for all the sunny days in the sun 

1- Get your garden gloves on – hating the garden means I hate seeing dirt or insects and knowing that I have to pick it up…it’s enough to put me off, wearing gloves means am more likely to get stuck in and do everything. Gloves = business!

2- Clean your garden tools – you can’t possibly attempt to clean your garden when the tools you use are full of last years dirt. Literally soak your garden utensils in some soapy water for 15-20 minutes.

3- Clear away any dried-out leaves – am sure like me you have dried leaves in every corner of your garden (no, just me then), sweep up and clear up any leaves, branches and yes rubbish from your garden floor – you’ll be amazed how big your garden looks when the floors cleaned.

4- Cut your grass- a nice & simple one really and probably the most obvious, but cut your grass. 

5- Wipe down furniture – garden furniture is a nesting ground for insects and a favourite for cobwebs. Make sure you spend some time wiping down tables and chairs so that when you do come to use them, they look inviting. 

6- Put out some soft furnishings – we all love nice things and your garden should look just as beautiful as the rest of your home. Make sure you add things such as nice garden kitchenware, glasses, lawn candles, fairy lights, cushions, bean bags, picnic blankets….the list is endless 

If all fails and you really don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, get your partner or even your kids involved. This would make a great game for them whilst you sit back and enjoy a cool refreshing drink