Cleaning Metal Surfaces

by Sarita Gill, Sep 2019

Metal surfaces can be a real nightmare to clean. Particularly when there are so many different types of metal around the house. We all go for the quick and easy method of cleaning and in all fairness, there’s nothing wrong with that. Below are a few cleaning techniques you can use on specific surfaces:

Quick and Easy Method
Giving the surface a once over with a standard sponge and multipurpose cleaner is often all it needs. Sure, a bit of hard scrubbing may be needed around the hob area but generally speaking, this covers most bases.

Use the same method as with the stainless-steel. Most multipurpose cleaners will do the job though, so no need to run out a pickup a specialist Chrome cleaner (if that exists).

Special aluminium cleaner can be bought for this. Avoid anything with baking soda in it though as this can tarnish the surface. Generally speaking, the standard multipurpose cleaner will do the trick with this one. Just rub down as you would on any other surface.

Copper & Brass
Again, specialist products are available for each of these metals however there is a homemade trick you can use. Apply ketchup gently with a cloth! Sounds strange but it really does work. I’ve also heard that using half a lemon with ground salt on its surface and then gently rubbing it down will do the job even better! Afterwards, just rinse the surface and gently rub it with a cotton cloth.