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How to Clean your Desk:

by Sarita Gill (MH), Dec 2018

A cluttered workspace has been shown to make employees much less productive, as a messy area gives you more things to focus on and increases stress levels. In fact, on average, employees lose around 9 days of work per year due to sickness. Much of this can be attributed to an unclean and untidy workspace. Here’s the best way to go about decluttering and cleaning your desk.

  1. Take everything off your desk: Put everything into one pile. This will allow you to completely reorganise your desk without anything being in the way.
  2. Throw away rubbish: it’s important to actually define ‘rubbish’. Rubbish is anything you don’t use anymore. Random hard copies, unimportant receipts, etc. Throw it all away!
  3. Wipe down all surfaces: It doesn’t matter how clean you think your desk looks. Bacteria are incredibly small and can survive in even the most unlikely places. Be safe and wipe down the entirety of your desk.
  4. Shelves: Shelves are a perfect way to organise important documents. Consider investing in a small desk shelf. They tend to only set you back £15 – £20. Even more importantly, label these shelves. In fact, label as much as you can!
  5. Easy Access to important Things: make sure to have essentials like pens, pencils and staplers close by. You never know when you may need them in a hurry.
  6. Avoid Distractions: Things like food, leisure books and phones will tend to distract you from work. Keep them locked away during your work hours.