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4 Places to Visit in Hook

by Katie Salisbury, Oct 2018

Odiham Castle

This ruined castle was constructed by King John during his reign. Many believe the reason for its construction because he realised in was halfway between Windsor and Winchester when he visited in 1204. It was constructed between 1207 and 1214, costing around about £1,000 (£1,353,000 in 2018). In 2007, Hampshire County council undertook a restoration of the shell keep with guidance from English Heritage.

West Green House

This 18th century country house is well known for its gardens and summer season of opera. It was constructed by General Henry Hawley, who led the cavalry charge during the Battle of Culloden, the final battle in the Jacobite rising of 1745. Since 1971, the National Trust has owned the house and in 1976, Allistair McAlpine acquired the lease and restored the gardens, as well as adding monuments designed by Quinlan Terry.

The Vyne

This 16th century country house was built for Lord Sandy; Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain. The house actually served as inspiration for the Lord of the Rings books. It houses an inscribed Roman ring as well as a tablet, which speaks of a curse on the one who stole it. J. R. R. Tolkien was asked about and a few days later began writing the books that we all now know and love.

Wellington Country Park

This park is around 1.4 square kilometres and hosts coniferous woodland with a multitude of nature trails; perfect for walking or cycling along! It also includes a lake and a campsite, which has sole use of the childrens play area when the park itself closes. The park was opened in 1974 by the 8th Duke and Duchess of Wellington.