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by Hitchin, May 2020

Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttery home and don’t know where to start? 

If you are feeling stressed out and unsure where to begin on decluttering your surfaces, clear just ONE surface (or drawer) to start with.   

Just one.   

It could be your kitchen worktop, the cutlery drawer, your bathroom cabinet or your home office desk….any surface which is cluttered and untidy.


  • Identify your surface/drawer. 
  • Completely empty/clear it – leave nothing on the surface.
  • Wipe the surface with a barely damp cloth and your favourite cleaning product.
  • Step back and review…….gaze at that clean and empty surface.   Leave it empty for a little bit if you can.
  • When you’re ready, think what you are going to put back – do you need everything you took away? Are you using it daily or weekly? Is there anything you can donate, sell, put somewhere else?   Can it be thrown away?!
  • Return the necessities to the space.
  • Review again – how does it look? Any additional edits?

Clearing one surface CAN help with that overwhelmed feeling. Sometimes a clean and clear surface can give you a little calm in a room.

Don’t over stretch yourself, do one surface or drawer a day…baby steps…and little by little you will hopefully feel less stressful as you declutter your home.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by clutter