What makes us different?

by Janine, Nov 2017

When we’re speaking to our prospective franchisees on the phone, a question that often gets asked is ‘what makes you different to the other cleaning franchises available?’

Obviously, we always find this very easy to answer as we believe there’s a lot that sets us apart from our competitors so in today’s blog; we’re going to tell you exactly why Well Polished is fast becoming the popular kid on the block.

  1. The Website:
    Our new website was launched early last year, and our franchisees STILL get clients calling up saying they liked us due to our fresh, modern website.  People regularly comment on how great our branding is and cite this as their reason for picking Well Polished. In this day and age, an old fashioned, hard to navigate site is definitely not want people want – and at a time when 80% of internet searches are done on a handheld device, a mobile friendly site is of the utmost importance.
  2. The Google Campaign:
    Here at Well Polished, we have employed the services of an up and coming digital marketing agency based in Chester called Reckless. The team at Reckless manage all of our Google campaigns and ensure that our franchisees are tapping into the huge domestic cleaning market with the best keywords, callouts, ad structures and bids (it’s all very technical, we leave it to the experts!)
    Not only is it professionally managed, but it’s also FREE for the first 6 months of trading as part of the franchise package!
  3. Our bespoke management software:
    After a HUGE investment this year and a complete redesign, our online system that allows our franchisees to manage their cleaners, clients, schedules and payments is now unrivalled. Our bespoke management system takes away the hassle of running a business, and makes keeping track of your progress simple and enjoyable.
  4. The Training Programme
    You can actually watch a video here of what our franchisees think of our training programme… so you don’t have to take our word for it.  BUT, we believe the fact that our company trainers are actual, current franchisees makes the training incomparable to what our competition offers.  It’s expenses paid (and trust us, the hotel is SWISH) and you even get breakfast and lunch thrown in. What’s not to be excited about!?
  5. The Support:
    One thing Well Polished have NEVER been is the type of company who cuts ties once the franchisee is trained.  The support you receive from head office DOES. NOT. STOP.
    Immediately after training, all new franchisees are enrolled on our ‘Kick Start Programme‘ which aims to offer help and support to get them to the £1,000 per month mark. And even after you smash past this point, our support team are on hand via phone, email or even live chat to assist with any issues, or just give motivational advice!
  6. The ‘not-so-salesy‘ sales pitch
    It might sound stupid, but we don’t need a big OTT sales pitch to sell our franchises. They sell themselves. We tell every prospective sale who gets in touch that they can ask us anything they want – we don’t hide anything away – everything you want to know is available to you.  What’s more, we also tell them to head to our ‘site map’ on the website and go on each individual franchisee’s page. Here, they can get their contact number and call them directly to ask for their opinion on Well Polished.  No, we don’t give you a list of people you’re ‘allowed’ to contact, and we don’t cherry pick the top performers… you can quite literally speak to the manager of any one of our 41 franchises and get their thoughts. We’re not worried they’ll scare you off, because we know that what we’re offering is exceptional.


So there you have it!  The top reasons we believe that Well Polished is a cut above the rest. Why not call us and make your own mind up?