What first attracted you?

by Janine, Apr 2018

We asked our franchisees one simple question:

What initially attracted you to Well Polished?

And the responses gave us two clear motivations.

“Future income potential is way above any job I could expect to get!”
Ashleigh – Wirral

“No cap on my earnings and the freedom to be my own boss!”
Rosie – York

“Fitting work around my family life!”
Emma – Wrexham

“Knowing I would have the full support of head office!”
Toni – Romford

“The benefits and joys of being self-employed and working from anywhere!”
Emma – Warrington

“Simplicity of the business model!”
Kristina – Enfield

“The ability to work around my family whilst working from home!”
Clair – Southport

“The ability to work from home and choose my own working hours!”
Simon – Ashby

“Being my own boss and working times / hours to suit me and my family!”
Kate – Southend-on-Sea

“I wanted the freedom of being self-employed!”
Rachel – Blackburn & Burnley

“I saw the success of friends who were self-employed with Well Polished & wanted to do it myself”
Geri – Stafford

“The ability to enjoy a fantastic income without working for other people!”
John – Hook

“The flexibility to work and earn money around my hectic home life whilst my children are still young”
Cate – Hitchin