Well Polished was an EASY choice!

by Janine, Aug 2017

This month, we’ve sat down with Hannah who runs our Southampton franchise and asked her some questions about her experience with Well Polished. As one of our most successful new starters this year with an extremely high conversion rate, we were keen to hear her thoughts!

1.What made you decide to buy a Well Polished franchise?

I decided to purchase a Well Polished franchise as I was looking for a role that I could easily manage around my family. Being a Mum to two young children, it has been a great advantage being able to choose my own working hours to fit my family life. Also, I was looking for a role that would be mainly based on customer service as this is a field I enjoy and know.

2. Why did you choose Well Polished over other cleaning franchises?

This is easy! I do like to do my research it whatever I do and I thoroughly researched cleaning franchises in my area. Firstly, the website was a lot more professional than any other I came across. I spoke with Sandra who started Well Polished and her passion showed through which I think was a very positive thing. The main attraction however, was the training programme and mentoring programme. Most companies were happy to give a few hours training over the phone, which I found surprising as I am starting a brand new business whereas Well Polished offer a 3 day training programme in head office with trainers who also have their own franchises so are able to understand any questions or nerves we had!

3. Did the training prepare you for running your franchise?

Absolutely! I had nerves going back home and starting, however I knew I could call at any time at my queries would be answered from head office. The communication has been great.

4. Tell us about the mentoring programme.

Oh my! I could not of been without my mentor Ashleigh at all! I cannot tell you how much it helped having Ashleigh there to answer any queries or concerns I had and believe me I had loads! When I was finding things a bit overwhelming at times, Ashleigh literally saved the day. She took the time to explain things to me and really helped me lots. I think still call now, just not 20 times a day!

5. Have you surprised yourself with how quickly you’ve grown the business?

Yes, I didn’t realise it would take off this quickly. It is just driving me to achieve more!

6. Would you recommend Well Polished to a friend?

Without a doubt, I can definitely see why Well Polished are expanding constantly throughout the Country!