Trick or Treat!?

by Janine, Oct 2017

Halloween is upon us and the darker nights are drawing in…  Hands up who’s off out trick or treating with the kids!?

We’ve scoured the internet for our top tips on how to make your trick or treating offerings a little more original.

  1. Cover lollypops with tissue paper and fix with an elastic band to make scary lollypop ghosts
  2. Bake gingerbread men and pipe white skeleton icing on to create gingerbread skeletons
  3. Fill plastic gloves with the sweets to make halloween hand treat bags
  4. Draw pumpkin faces on clementines for a healthier addition to the night
  5. Add plastic spiders to bags of candy floss
  6. Use chocolate drops and chocolate buttons on bananas to create a wailing ghost


Happy Halloween!