The working parent’s guilt

by Janine, Jul 2018

Are you a parent stuck between needing to earn an income but wanting to be there for your kids?

You are NOT alone.

According to a recent study, the average parent feels guilt for working too much 23 TIMES A WEEK!

And realistically, is that even surprising? In addition to nurturing a kick-ass career, mums are expected to come home and whip up a fresh, nutritious dinner, provide excellent homework help, cheer enthusiastically from the sidelines of the football field, tidy up the house, squeeze in some time for exercise and then fall into bed for approximately 1.5 hours of sleep. And then wake up and do it all again. And if they don’t “do it all,” they feel like they’re failing!

Interestingly, the top 5 qualities that make a “good parent” according to the results of the survey were:

  1. Being present for my kids
  2. Being a good listener and giving good advice
  3. Being available to help with homework daily
  4. Attending all or most of my children’s academic, social and extracurricular activities
  5. Being able to take my children on holiday

1 and 2 may seem like givens, but 4 and 5 can seem like impossibilities to parents who don’t finish work till 5pm.  And number 5 can be a logistical nightmare when taking into account holiday days for both parents and the extortionate travel costs in the Summer holidays.

Whatever your career choice, there are always going to be times when your kids simply have to tackle their homework alone… however, working for yourself can help with the majority of these parental guilt-inducing situations!

Imagine running your own business that gives you an impressive income but still allows you to be there for the school pick up, for the Christmas play, for sports day?  And also allows you to work alongside your child whilst they’re doing their homework – because YOUR work can be done from home?

Yes, it might sound too good to be true, but we have 21 franchisees all enjoying the EXACT lifestyle described above (and 40 others enjoying the income without the kids!) 

Parental guilt will never leave us completely… but it can be eased by changing your career path to allow for that flexibility that the 9-5 grind will never be able to give you. Owning a Well Polished franchise means you have the freedom to work from anywhere.

Even if you haven’t got kids… who wants to do as their told by a boss these days? #WorkForYourself