The 2017 Conference

by Janine, Feb 2017

At the weekend, the whole Well Polished team and our fabulous franchisees descended on the Crowne Plaza, Birmingham for our annual conference! Every year, we all get together to share ideas and reflect on the successes of the year before… and 2016 was a big year to look back on. With a brand new website (and complete branding revamp!), a fresh head office team, complete overhaul and redesign of our training programme AND several new processes and procedures to improve the package offered to our franchisees – it’s unsurprising it took the day to get through everything!

We also took the opportunity to look forward to our 2017 plans – which include a BRAND SPANKING NEW version of our bespoke management system – and our franchisees couldn’t have been more excited.

Everyone’s favourite part of the day is always the awards.

As a franchise company, we like to celebrate the success of our highest performing franchisees and we were giving awards for the following categories:

Franchisee of the Year
Newcomer of the Year
Director’s Special Award

Franchisee of the year (the franchise that grew by the most profit throughout the year) deservedly went to Jackie from our Bishops Stortford franchise – she is such an inspiration to the whole team and we’re proud to have her as an ambassador for Well Polished.

Newcomer of the year was awarded to the lovely Lisa in Preston, who amazingly only started her franchise in September 2016 and actually managed to take third place in the Franchisee of the year award!!! A fantastic start that we’re all in awe of!

And lastly, Lissie in Tunbridge Wells took the Director’s special award for her contribution to our brand awareness with her consistent blogging and social media activity! Using the technology available is something we rave about at WP, so well done Liss.


Alan from our Wigan franchise said, ‘we were highly motivated before – Saturday has made us seriously revisit our game plan and made us realise what is possible with this fantastic lifestyle support business’. And Jackie, our Well Polished golden girl, commented that, ‘It was great meeting the team and all the Franchisees. It helps that we are all in this together and none of us should feel alone, we can help each other to build.’

All in all, the conference was a huge success. We’re so proud of everything the company and the fantastic franchises have achieved in just 12 months and we’re so excited of everything to come in 2017.