Talk to a Trainer

by Janine, Jul 2017

This month, we’ve grabbed Ashleigh (one of the company trainers) to ask her a few questions about her experience running a franchise, and what it’s like to train the newbies!

What is your favourite part of training?
The lovely Lunch!… (Jokes) I enjoy day 3 where we get to show the franchisees WP Manger, it’s an interactive session and I think things start falling into place for them! Also, it just so happens that day 3 includes a morning fizz photo session…happy days!

What do you love about running your franchise?
Being able to manage my own workload & fitting work around my life rather than the other way around!

What part of training do franchisees tend to struggle with?
The realisation that by the end of the week of training they could land their first client! They find it hard to imagine when sitting in the training room! Also, those who are ’not so technically-minded’ struggle with using a new email account and editing PDF forms – But that’s why we practice!

What’s the most commonly asked question in training / mentoring?
In training, we get a lot of questions around cleaner references and the ‘eventualities’ of insurance claims! In mentoring, I am often asked advice on how to deal with client complaints. These are both understandable concerns & thankfully, are also things that don’t happen too often anyway!

Were you nervous to become a company trainer?
At first I was slightly nervous as I wanted to make sure we had all the key points covered so the franchisees could go off with confidence in starting up. But at the same time I didn’t want to ‘overload’ them with information! However, I think Janine and I make a great team & if either of us misses something during training, the other will pick it up – so it was less nerve wracking knowing we had each other.

Does it feel strange to be helping people start their own businesses when you’re quite young?
No, I love it and I think it just proves that if I an do it at the age of 26, then anybody can! I always say running a WP franchise is all about your mentality and how you deal with things! If you go at it with a positive attitude and the drive to succeed then you can’t go wrong… the rest comes with experience!