Securing Their Second Territory!

by Janine, Sep 2017

With the overwhelming demand for Well Polished territories ever increasing, there has been a surge in existing franchisees securing their SECOND territory before they are all sold!

Katie in Southend-on-Sea set the trend a few months back when she put a deposit down on the territory adjacent to her… and since then, several others have joined the movement!

Our very own founder and director Sandra V who is already running our Liverpool franchise has now purchased Aylesbury – proving that you definitely do not need to live in your territory in order to make it a success! And Crista in Oxford (who only actually joined Well Polished a couple of months ago has secured herself the Reading territory nearby.

And it’s not just the newbies who can see the benefit to grabbing a second piece of the action!

Our longest standing franchisee, Jacqui, has also bagged herself another area putting her deposit down on Cambridge and proving that no amount of success can halt her ambition! Her current territory – Bishops Stortford – is our best performing franchise currently and she won franchisee of the year for 2016! But it would seem she’s not content with one wildly successful business – and we can’t wait to see her make a huge success of her new one!

With other franchisees expressing an interest in expanding their franchises as well – it’s becoming obvious that it won’t be long until we have no more territories to sell! If you’ve been thinking about investing in a WP franchise, the message is clear: Don’t wait around and miss your chance!