Regional Networking 2018

by Janine, Apr 2018

Last week saw the start of FIVE regional meetings we’re hosting for our franchisees this year.

We started in our head office, then this week, we’ve been down to Basingstoke and then back up a little to Milton Keynes. ¬†Only two more left to go but still over 15 franchisees awaiting their chance!

The point of our Regional Networking meetings is not only to relay some important information regarding new legislations and updated ‘best practice’, but also to allow our franchisees the opportunity to catch up with each other!

Having 51 territories up and down the UK means there is a LOT of people, who, whilst can chat on our Franchisees Facebook group – don’t often get the chance to meet up face to face.

The three events hosted so far have proved a fantastic success, with really positive feedback from all attendees. The words inspiring and motivational have been thrown around amongst the feedback, and that in the end is our ultimate goal.

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