Our Contribution

by Janine, Nov 2018

Giving back to the wider community is something that all franchisors should strive to do. By continuing to innovate and develop new systems, together with strong social media and web presence, we believe that we set an example to the wider franchise community.

Not only this, but we believe we have contributed to the female empowerment movement! In the UK there is 51% women and 49% men yet only 24% of small to medium-sized businesses are female-led and only 9% of Venture Capital funding goes to female-led firms.

We have actively targeted female franchise ownership through initiatives including the production of a free e-book entitled ‘ the habits of successful female entrepreneurs’ and through our modern, fresh approach to business we have encouraged a younger demographic to get involved with Well Polished.

As a result of this, 85% of our franchisees are women and 30% are under 35, together with four members of the management team.

Our business model ideally suits new mums who wish to return to work without the confines of a 9-5 job and we have 22 franchisees with children under 5, and we were delighted to welcome three babies on our training sessions over the last 12 months!!