No gender pay gap HERE

by admin, Sep 2016

IFS research published shows the average difference in pay for men & women is 18% … & widens markedly after women have children!

Women earn 18% less than men on average, according to new research that highlights the challenge facing Theresa May in closing Britain’s stubbornly wide gender pay gap. Can you believe that in the year 2016; UK women are still far adrift on salary and promotion.

It’s time we all got behind the original #GirlPower movement. Responding to the IFS study a government spokeswoman said: “We want to make our country a place where there is no limit on anyone’s ambition or what they can achieve – that means making sure everyone, regardless of their gender, can succeed at work.”

Here at Well Polished, there is NO gender pay gap. Our highest earning franchisees are ALL women and they’re continuing to grow their income month on month.