‘It’s changed my life & empowered me’

by Janine, Feb 2018
This month, we wanted to switch the focus of our blogs back to the people who really matter – our wonderful franchisees.  And what better way to kick start 2018 than a quick fire interview with our ‘Newcomer of the Year‘ award winner for 2017?!
The lovely Crista only started her franchise back in April 17 and came to us with background knowledge of the industry, and an incredible, unrivalled ambition to succeed.   She flew through the training programme, devouring all the information and top tips etc that we’re given  – and in her first month, she really redefined the expression ‘hit the ground running‘.
An incredible start, and a consistently focused approach to her franchise now sees Crista as the third highest earner in the whole company (remember; she’s only been going 9 months!!!) AND the proud owner of two further territories. Her growing empire of Oxford, Reading and Swindon/Newbury continues to highlight her sheer determination and motivation.  As you can probably tell – we’re a little in awe of her!
Read her quick fire interview below!
  1. What made you decide to purchase a Well Polished franchise?
    I wanted to be my own boss and in charge of my own destiny!
  2. How do you rate the support offered by Well Polished head office?
    Exceptional A * rating for HQ support – super efficient, super supportive, dynamic and just faultless.
  3. What’s the best part of running a WP franchise?
    I find running a WP Franchise liberating, rewarding and stimulating.
  4. How easy is the business to run/understand?
    The business model is simple and straightforward and the infrastructure provided by HQ makes running a franchise easy.
  5. How happy are you with your success so far?
    I am thrilled at the rate of growth of the business so far!
  6. Would you recommend buying a WP franchise to a friend?
    Yes definitely would recommend to other friends and prospective franchisees!
  7. Do you believe buying your WP franchise has changed your life for the better?
    WP has changed my life and empowered me – best thing that has happened to me!