‘I’m now ready to take on a second territory!’

by Janine, Jun 2017
Our Southend-on-Sea franchisee, Katie, discusses her first few months of running Well Polished.  Katie is a mum of two and decided to go for it with a franchise in order to give herself a decent income, but with a work/life balance!  Her initial success is such, that she’s even decided to buy a second territory and challenge herself even further.

Katie: ‘I wanted to buy myself a franchise because I really wanted to get back into work, but something that I could fit around my children without having to worry about childcare issues. And just enjoy being my own boss!’

Katie: (How truthful can I be for this question hahaha)… The hardest part I would say is the beginning and getting used to the flow of the system… Making sure everyone is where they’re meant to be at the right day and time. The more clients and cleaners that come in, the easier is becomes to relax and trust that what you’re doing is right.

Katie: My Favourite part of running the franchise is how easily I can just answer a call and sign up a new client! I’m not tied to a 9-5, sitting at a desk all day waiting for a call. It fits in with my lifestyle while bringing in a growing monthly income.

Katie is way ahead of targets with her franchise, and her mentor Ashleigh is confident that she’ll continue on this upward curve.  Ash said; ‘We always say that to make your franchise a success, all you need is personality and approachability- and Kate has that in spades!’

Katie: It is a very friendly, personal company. The really make you feel at ease and no question or query is unanswered. The training team are fab! And can relate to all types of scenerios as they have their own franchises themselves, not just running the overall company.

Katie: I have decided to buy a second territory as I like a challenge, and I feel my current territory is running smoothly enough for me to be able to take a big step with another one. Both my children will be in full time school come September so I will have that little extra time on my hands to put my full focus on building both locations.

Katie: Running Well Polished has improved our family life massively! My partner is now able to take weekends off work for us to spend together as a family, as I’m now bringing in enough to cover certain bills etc. Which, was our only goal at the beginning of enquiring about a franchise!  It has now turned into a serious business for us, that has exceeded our expectations!
For anyone thinking of buying a franchise, I would say most definitely do it! There is no better feeling than being your own boss, working your business around your lifestyle! The whole Well Polished team are always there to support you every step of the way.