I’m literally happier than I’ve ever been in my working life!

by Janine, Dec 2018

We very often get lovely feedback from our franchisees and we always LOVE hearing their thoughts and experiences. Recently, we received an email from our Warrington franchisee, Emma and we couldn’t wait to share her amazing words…

“The Well Polished lifestyle really does provide flexible working. The sky is the limit with regards to revenue and offers the perfect lifestyle balance. You really can work when you want, where you want and have those goals to earn however much you want. Those are just some of the HUGE practical benefits and they really are priceless. But please don’t forget what’s really important – how will you FEEL investing in Well Polished? You might feel a little nervous at first; naturally, of course. Please don’t be! I’m literally happier than I’ve ever been in my working life – for decades!

I don’t have anyone to answer to, I plan my own week, I do my own thing. Yes, my OWN thing! It is my own, but the beauty is, I’m not actually ON my own, because I have the amazing team at Head Office at the end of the phone, if ever I need them, not to mention the wonderful franchisee family! The whole thing is a wonderful, supportive network.

The support that is provided is outstanding. Head office will be with you in an instant if you have any technical hitches, operational problems, or you just fancy a nice chat! Well Polished really does have a family vibe and as a franchisee you will automatically become part of that.

So, here I am; currently sat at my own desk, in my own office after having spent the week selling, marketing, accounting, customer servicing and making sure that my wonderful team are all okay out there in the incredible shiny world of Well Polished.

Personally, the thing that stands out most to me is how I’ve grown, not just in financial terms (which is very nice to say, by the way), but from a personal development and confidence point of view. I always knew deep down I was capable of doing all this. I always thought I could and Well Polished has confirmed that I definitely can! I only wish I’d have done this sooner.

Don’t let anyone hold you back, do this for YOU!