“I didn’t feel pressured in any way!”

by Janine, May 2018
This week, we’ve sat down with Rosie who runs our Bath territory and asked her some quick fire questions on her decision to buy a Well Polished franchise!
Why did you choose to buy a Well Polished franchise?
I was ready to be my own boss and to be totally in control of my own earning potential.
How easy was the process of buying a WP franchise?
The process was really simple and the training and support provided by head office made it much less daunting. They also allowed me time to really think about the decision first, I didn’t feel pressured in any way.
How would you describe the initial training provided?
The training was in-depth and also good fun. The trainers, being franchise owners themselves, provided great anecdotes along with the training that covered pretty much any scenario under the sun – which I have definitely found useful!
Do you think there’s benefits to owning a franchise over being in business alone?
100%. It gives you all the benefits of having your own business, but with a support team and a ready made business plan that has already been proven.
Would you recommend WP to a friend?
Definitely, in fact I already have and they have reserved their territory this week!