Christmas Countdown!

by Janine, Nov 2017

December is looming and how many of you are feeling that familiar blind panic of ‘what have I forgotten!?’… (or even worse – WHO have I forgotten!) Well, with the help of the wonderful; we have the ultimate Christmas checklist to keep you on track this festive season!

  • Buy your wrapping paper
  • Make plans for overnight guests
  • Do you have enough chairs for your guests?
  • Make a list of who you need to buy presents for
  • Take stock of your decorations (are those fairy lights going to last another year!?)
  • Do you have enough plates / glasses?
  • Decide what you’re cooking
  • Shop for items that will last (alcohol, canned goods, pantry staples)
  • Deep clean your house (OR call your local Well Polished!)
  • Buy batteries ready for the toys!
  • Charge your camera / video recorder
  • Place a food order for your fresh items

MOST OF ALL – enjoy this magical time!!