Christmas Checklist!

by Janine, Dec 2016

Here at Well Polished, we think it’s best to be over prepared… especially for big events like Christmas!

Aside from booking in your Christmas clean with your Well Polished manager, we’ve put together an amusing festive checklist that should help avoid the last minute panics… like realising you forgot to buy your mother-in-law’s favourite tipple!

– Check through your Christmas decorations at least a few days before you intend to put them up. There’s nothing worse than getting yourself into the spirit, only to realise you have no working fairy lights and only 3 non-smashed baubles that match!

– For your parties, buy a stack of festive napkins as you can never have enough!

– Do you have the right number of chairs for the number of guests you’ve invited? Especially when you include your great aunt’s dog that needs it’s own seat and your daughter’s new beau she’s insisted on bringing!?

– If you have cutlery for special occasions, make sure this is sparkling and ready to go.

– Is your Christmas tablecloth clean? Or could you not be bothered getting the gravy stains out last year, as the Downton Christmas Special was starting and you’d had one too many mulled wines to care?

– Buy your Christmas crackers in advance and think about how you will decorate your festive table. It can always be a good idea to get the kids involved in this task – it’ll keep them quiet and anything handmade by a child under 10 will earn you an ‘aww cute’ from your guests, if nothing else!

– Speaking of children, do you have special treats or games to keep them entertained over a longer meal than usual?

– If you have guests staying over, are the guest bedrooms ready to be greeted by said guests? Or have they turned into your husband’s ‘study’? Go on… go and see if you can find the bed underneath all that junk!

– Write your food list! And even pre-order online if you want to be really, really prepared!

– Don’t forget to stock up your battery drawer – remember what happened last year when your nephew couldn’t get his ‘Furby’ to come to life!

Recharge your camera. It’s a stressful time, but when alls said and done, it’s a rare day when you have all your family in the same room! Savour the moment and snap away.