Choices, Choices!

by Janine, Mar 2018

We get so many people enquiring for franchise opportunities in their local area.  Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming success of sales last year here at Well Polished, a lot of territories have already been sold!

However, more and more people are realising that you DON’T have to live in the territory that you purchase.

Here at Well Polished, we now have 11 franchises being operated by people living outside of the area… up to 300 miles outside to be specific! And in many of these cases, it was a strategic decision rather than a necessary sacrifice.

One of the unique selling points for a running a  franchise with us is that you work from home… and all enquiries are dealt with via email or telephone. When you really consider this, it’s easy to understand why we shout about not having to live within your territory.

The only reason our ‘distance’ franchisees have to visit their area is to recruit their cleaners.  However, they’ve even come up with a convenient alternative to weekly traveling!  Hiring a cleaning supervisor allows them to complete telephone interviews for new recruits, and then send their supervisor to do the ID checks and tabard drop-offs.  Our franchisee in Bath even takes advantage of our modern technology by using FaceTime to interview her cleaners – ensuring she has seen them and knows them by face.

There are also major benefits to operating outside your area. Not being round the corner from the properties they service instills a discipline in the franchisee to resist the urge to clean themselves, to collect keys or to visit client’s homes.  All things that are outside our remit.  The distance also often means that they are more organised and in more regular contact with their cleaners to ensure everything runs smoothly!

If the area you live in is available – then great! There’s obviously huge benefits to this. But if you’re looking at our franchise opportunity thinking I would love to do that but you live in a territory that’s already been sold – DO NOT let this be the end of your Well Polished journey.

Call our Sales Manager (Janine) at head office to discuss possible territories 0151 601 5244 – and take the first step in quite literally changing your life.