Award Winners!

by Janine, May 2018

Here at Well Polished, we take franchisee satisfaction very seriously.  Our main aim is to help our franchisees succeed with their individual businesses, and we strive to ensure that they receive continuous support from us here at head office.

As part of this ongoing commitment, we recently conducted a confidential survey with our franchisees. The company we used for this, Smith & Hendersonused the feedback to help us benchmark our training and support against other franchisors and identify key priorities.
We are extremely proud to announce that our overall franchisee satisfaction score was an amazing 91%!
More so, we beat the industry average scores across ALL sections of the survey… some sections by as much as 30%!
To highlight a couple of our best performing sections; we received 100% scores across the likes of vision, confidence, shared goals and trust in business expansion options.
Thanks to our impressive scores, we have also now been awarded a 5* franchise award. 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction is awarded to franchisors that receive above average feedback on ALL five of the key areas that the survey measures, and we’re so proud to have received this accolade.
We are now very much looking forward to receiving our award at the ‘Best Franchise Awards’ in December, and maybe even winning the coveted ‘Best Franchise’ award that we’ve been entered for! Cross your fingers for us!