‘An informative, helpful & fun training programme’

by Janine, May 2017

You’d think less franchisees to train might mean it was a quieter session this month – but you’d be wrong! Patsy & Ron for Well Polished Welwyn and Wendy for Well Polished Manchester kept us all VERY upbeat after the long weekend and were a joy to have in the office.

They all said they thoroughly enjoyed the training experience and are looking forward to getting started on their Well Polished journey.

Hi Ashleigh and Janine,
Just wanted to thank you and Janine for a really informative, helpful and fun training programme.  Both Ron and I really enjoyed every day and it has given us the confidence to push full steam ahead (with a little help from our friends!!!).  We both look forward to being part of the successful Well Polished Team.

Could you also please extend our thanks to all the team especially Sandra and Mike, for their ongoing support and lastly for the scrumptious lunches provided and fabulous hotel accommodation provided.
And Wendy was just as impressed:


I would like to thank Well Polished HQ for an amazing three days of training . The hospitality was second to none lovely accommodation yummy food so very grateful to Sandra, Mike , Jeanette and Reece for organising this .

Janine and Ash , well what can I say 11/10 their presentation and materials provided proved excellent …….set at a good pace with humour which is always welcome ! PERFECT!

There’s nothing better than knowing our newest recruits not only enjoyed themselves, but feel like they’re now ready to face the Well Polished world! We can’t wait to see them succeeding!