A Little Light Relief…

by Janine, Jul 2018

During the group stages of the World Cup, our football expert MD, Mike decided to hold a friendly competition and invited all our franchisees to join – along with their friends, and friends of friends etc.

The rules were simple: Predict the correct score for each of the 48 games during the group stages. For each correct result predicted by your score (win or draw) you will get 1 point. But, for each correct score predicted you will get 4 points.

To make things interesting, entry cost £10 per person and the pot created was to be distributed at the end of the competition. It was AMAZING to end up with a magnificent 98 entries for our little competition creating a prize pool of £980!

The pot was to be distributed as follows:

Winner                       £400

Runner-up                 £200

3rd Place                    £100

4th Place                    £80

5th Place                    £50

There was also the infamous ‘wooden spoon’ prize for the player with the least number of points, because as Mike says… it’s equally as hard to do THAT badly.

And the last prize… the player who matched (or was closest to) the total goals scored across the 48 games will win £100.

So there was everything to play for!

We have to say, the main highlight of the whole competition was Mike’s emails… which our Hook franchisee John summed up perfectly:

‘On behalf of scores (excuse the pun) of competitors, many of whom I know have emailed you separately, I’d like to thank you for putting on a show of your literary talent, football trivia, and many witticisms!

Whilst I personally had given up any hope of winning within the first week, plenty of the players were battling till the bitter end… but there could only be one winner.

Somewhat fittingly, a Well Polished franchisee took home the big bucks… and ALSO the wooden spoon!

1Robert Salisbury63£400.00
2Paul Farmer58£200.00
3Mike Hughes56£100.00
4Tom Byrne54£80.00
5Chris Tym52£50.00
98Linda Dobson18£50.00

Robert, our Newcastle franchisee stormed first place and Linda, who runs our Twickenham franchise, unashamedly claimed the wooden spoon!

It’s been two weeks light relief that we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed. For the sake of tenner, I think all who took part will agree it was worth every penny!  There have been calls for another competition to see us through the knockout stages, but Mike has proclaimed a need to lie down in a darkened room for a few days and then get back on with his life!  I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that work definitely took a back seat to his World Cup updates haha.

To all who took part, we’re glad you enjoyed it! And for those who didn’t or missed the deadline, there’s always Qatar 2022.