2019 Awards Evening

by Janine, Feb 2019

This Saturday, we hosted our 2019 awards dinner at The Hilton Metropole in Birmingham. This is an annual event we organise for the purpose of celebrating the success of the previous year and to create an opportunity for networking amongst the franchisees in a more fun, less formal way! After all, we doesn’t prefer a 6pm champagne reception to a 6am coffee morning?

With over 70% of the network in attendance, it was a busy night! We had a a presentation, a quiz, a prize draw, a live band, a 3 course meal, a few too many bottles of vino flowing… and of course, the awards themselves!

This year, there were 7 awards up for grabs including Best Newcomer, Best Conversion, Best Retention and Highest Growth – culminating in the big one – Best Franchise. We also gave out two Director’s Special Awards, which are designed to recognise a franchisee who has contributed to the overall success of the company in someway.

And the winners were…

Best New Franchise

Finalists:-  Leeds, Warrington, Congleton, Hitchin, Epping
Winner:- Warrington

Best Retention

Finalists:-  Warrington, Knutsford, Stockport, Preston, Bishops Stortford
Winner:- Bishops Stortford

Best Conversion

Finalists:-  Bishops Stortford, Oxford, Warrington, Enfield, Bedford / Milton Keynes
Winner:- Warrington

Director’s Special Award

Winner:- Gary Reading
Winner:- Emma Lord

Highest Growth

Epping, Oxford, Warrington, Cambridge, Congleton
Winner:- Oxford

Franchise of the Year 2018

Hitchin, Brighton, Oxford, Warrington, Southampton
Winner:- Oxford

All of the finalists were worthy winners! Here are your finalists:

Finalists for Best Newcomer!
Finalists for Best Retention
Finalists for Best Conversion
Finalists for Highest Growth
Finalists for Best Franchise

And the wonderful winners of each category:

Emma Harrop awarded Best New Franchise for Warrington
Jackie MacDonald being awarded her Best Retention award for Bishops Stortford
Emma Harrop winning the Best Conversion award for Warrington
Emma Lord being awarded her Director’s Special Award for Tunbridge Wells
Crista Sanderson receiving her Highest Growth award for Oxford
Crista being awarded her Best Franchise 2018 award for Oxford by last year’s winner, Jackie

What a wonderful evening it was. Part of what makes being a Well Polished franchisee so wonderful is the incredible support network of other franchisees. The delight of others for the success of their peers is testament to the strong bond formed & the positive, ‘build each other up’ attitude that all our franchisees display time & time again.

Want to join the Well Polished family? Get in touch today, and it could be you receiving your trophy next year!