What to do in Gloucester:

by Well Polished Gloucester, Apr 2019

Gloucester Cathedral

With no entry fees and 365 days-per-year open, Gloucester Cathedral is certainly a favourite of both tourists and residents alike. The staff are made of 450 hard working volunteers. Why not enjoy a guided tour of the medieval building, settle in with a hot drink in the Monks Kitchen cafe or visit the tomb of King Edward II?

Jet Age Museum

This museum is dedicated to the preservation of Gloucestershire’s rich history and heritage in the aviation industry. Much like the cathedral, it is run almost entirely by volunteers. They aim to tell the story of the Gloster Aircraft Company and remind us of what put the UK on the frontlines of aerospace manufacturing.

Soldiers of Gloucester Museum

Keeping with the theme of military history in Gloucester, the Soldiers of Gloucester museums aims to remind us to think of what the soldiers who fought in wars and their families had to go through in the past and today. The Gloucestershire Regiment has been present for nearly all British wars since the 18th century, from the American revolutionary war, all the way up until the Korean War. 

Nature in Art Gallery

Claiming to be the worlds first museum and gallery exclusively for fine pieces inspired by nature. 2D and 3D art is all welcome, as well as virtually any medium of creating art as you can imagine, from textiles to photography, from oil paintings to scrap sculptures, this gallery certainly isn’t one to miss!