Handbag Horrors

by Well Polished Gloucester, Nov 2016

Thanks to ‘FindingBeautyMe’, we now know that according to one study, 33% of women made an admission of never having cleaned their purse (we’re with you!) and this is one of the reasons why handbags have more bacteria than a toilet seat (Oh dear…)

She goes onto explain that according to the ‘Hygiene fact book’, about 10,000 different bacteria can be found on just a few square centimeters of your beloved handbag and 30% of these bacteria are decal (it’s getting worse!) Therefore, here’s a few top tips on how to keep your beloved clutch / tote / satchel / shopper at least SOMEWHAT cleaner than your bathroom!

1. Baby wipes. The godsend to all mums out there I’m sure, but also handy for the odd spillage, sticky hand in restaurant situation and believe it or not – your newly recognised contaminated handbag. Give it a quick wipe on the outside, and if you have the time, empty it out and do the same to the innards!

2. PAY ATTENTION to where you place your handbag. Where possible, use hooks provided or ledges (i.e. not the toilet floor in Starbucks) and when storing at home – keep it in the dust bag it came in or a pillow case to protect it.

3. Sounds like an obvious one… but wash your hands! Just think, if you’ve been on the bus, holding onto that communal handrail and then you’ve reached into your lovely handbag to grab your lipstick? Imagine all those germs that you’ve transferred? Resist the lippy – wait till you’ve scrubbed with the carer.

4. Part and parcel of keeping your handbag clean is keeping it tidy. Throw away all the rubbish you don’t need anymore and if you want to go the extra mile – make a few sachets of baking soda and put them inside. This will get rid of any unpleasant odors.