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My name is Gary Reading and I am the proud of owner of Well Polished Swansea. I would like to welcome you to my website. We firmly believe in quality of service to clients and this will be reflected in the high standard of service you will receive.
Our service is tailored to regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning to a very high standard. We really do take great pride in the quality of our cleaning to all our existing and future clients. We simply want to provide you with the best cleaning service out there and to give you a professional stress-free service at all times.
We will provide you with a fully insured, reference checked and uniformed cleaner, who will take pride in providing you with a first class service on each visit to your property. We like to make sure our cleaners get a high hourly rate of £10, which is above what our competitors are paying – so in return, you will benefit from getting a professional, conscientious and caring cleaner, who will take great pride in cleaning your home on each visit.
Myself and my team will always be available to you our clients to give advice and to help in any way we can, we will make all the arrangments for you so you won’t have to worry about anything. We endeavour to match you with an experienced, professional cleaner and to make sure you will have an excellent bespoke clean at all times.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to talk about your requirements, and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Gary Reading Gary Reading
Owner, Swansea Franchise
01792 209140

We offer a range of services to suit our clients requirements

Regular weekly cleaning

The same professional cleaner at a day and time to suit you

Initial deep clean

Bring the sparkle back to your home

Seasonal blitz cleans

Preparing for those special times of year

Home ironing service

Pressed and put away the same day

Office cleaning

A sparkling environment for the working day

End of tenancy cleans

Helping bring your property back to show home standard

Read what our clients are saying...

“I have a large 5 bedroom house and I prefer to spend more time with my family and dog rather than cleaning. Paula comes and helps me every week she is great! She does a really thorough job. Thank you.” Rachel - Lower Sketty  |  December 2018
“Christine is fab! ” Margaret - Winch-Wen  |  December 2018
“Lynne did an excellent job for my new bungalow. It looks so much better now! Many thanks. ” Kate - Gorseinon  |  November 2018
“So many people come in and out of our clinic every day.Tina comes to clean for us each day and to generaly help out,she really is invaluable.Tina is Great! ” Sarah - Sketty  |  November 2018
“My regular cleaner was off sick on my cleaning day. I panicked, I couldn't imagine having any clean for a whole week! But thankfully because of a very quick response from Well Polished, they organised a cover cleaner on the same day but not only that my (very short notice) cover cleaner Debbie was awesome! She did a super clean for me. I just want to say a big thank you to Well Polished especially to Gary who sorted out all my misery in no time. Very professionally.” Sarah - Port Talbot  |  November 2018
“Our cleaner Sophie is great! She is very thorough in her work. I am very happy with her. Thank you. ” April - Fforestfach  |  November 2018
“Anne is fantastic! She is friendly, reliable, caring, trustworthy and she knows what she is doing. What else can we say...? Anne is brilliant! We are always looking forward to seeing her now. Thank you. ” Mark - Gower  |  November 2018
“Lindsay is great! She is so friendly and nothing is too much trouble for her. The house is keeping nice and tidy thanks to her hard work! Not only does she mop the floors, empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and bathrooms..... It's the little things she also does like folding all the bathroom towels to make it look like a hotel bathroom! I wouldn't be without her now!!!” Shona - Southgate  |  November 2018
“Recently I bought a house in Swansea and needed to have a good deep clean to the property before I moved in. I arranged it very quickly with Well Polished and Anne the cleaner. Anne was very lovely and worked extremely hard for my new 5 bedroom house. I am ready to bring all my furniture into my property. Also now I am thinking to have a regular cleaner. Thank you, Anne. ” Luci - Swansea  |  November 2018
“Having a busy week leaves me no time to clean my house. So I asked Well Polished to find me a suitable cleaner. Anna my regular cleaner is great she's been really helpful she has a good eye for things and leaves the place looking nice and tidy. Thanks.” Naomi - Sketty  |  November 2018
“We have been having a regular 3 hour weekly clean for several months now, we are both working full-time so we have little time to clean ourselves, the truth is we don't want to spend our time cleaning on our weekends! Anyway, we have a lovely cleaner Lucy, she cleans to a very high standard throughout especially our bathrooms and kitchen each time without any fail. It's so nice to come home to a clean & tidy house after a crazy, hectic and busy day. We really appreciate it. Thank you sooo much, Lucy. Keep up the good work! ” Mrs A. Davise - Sketty  |  November 2018
“Christine is brilliant, really good! I am happy that you recommended Christine to us, thank you, Gary! It's well-deserved praise.” Dawn - Fforest-fach  |  October 2018
“We have a property outside Swansea and do find it difficult to get reliable cleaners.....however Well Polished sent us Tina who I must say she has been extremely reliable and cleans to a very high standard, thank you.” Gillian - Gower  |  October 2018
“I am very pleased with Sophie, she is a nice girl, with an excellent attitude for work, she always tries to be the best she can be. And the most important my dog is very happy, too! ” Marie - Gorseinon  |  October 2018
“Michelle has been a brilliant cleaner for us, really thorough and just got on with things. My previous cleaner refused to do the tops of cupboards, but for Michelle, it was no problem at all, which is a great help to us because we are both seniors. We trusted her absolutely, completely when no one was at home, we couldn't fault her at all, thank you ” Jane - Morriston  |  October 2018
“Lynne is a very hard worker and extremely good at her job. It was quite a task and she did it brilliantly. Not least a very lovely person too.” Helen - Swansea  |  October 2018
“My cleaner Anna is such a nice, quiet and friendly lady. And she is very efficient! Gary, all your ladies are very well selected.” Valerie - Swansea  |  October 2018
“I am pleased with my cleaner Sophie. She is hard working, eager to please and friendly. She also takes directions well and I feel she is an asset to Well Polished!” Julie -Gorseinon  |  October 2018
“I needed help with the cleaning of my small home, for example, the areas I simply can't get down to do, like the skirting boards and a thorough vacuum each time. Now I have Kristie and I must say she is so efficient and reliable and such a nice person to chat to, she does much more than I ask of her what more could I ask for? All in all very satisfied, thanks Kristie! ” Molly - Waunarlwydd  |  October 2018
“We are really happy with |Sophie and her excellent work. As you made something as mundane as cleaning become something easy to overcome.......also customer service is first class! Couldn't wish for a better service! Thank you for being sooo awesome. ” Sharon - Cockett  |  October 2018
“We have had Debbie as our cleaner now for almost one year, she is punctual and always cleans to a high standard, we are very happy.” Marget - West Cross  |  September 2018
“Excellent work by Christine, Delighted with the clean.” Gareth - Pontlliw  |  September 2018
“Just to say Kristie does an amazing clean in my house, she really goes above and beyond! Well she even folded the loo roll like they do in hotels, she had taken all the mats up to clean underneath and found time to do the windows which I hadn't expected and she offered too clean a stain off the floor she had noticed! I just think she has good attention to detail and uses her initiative! Lovely to come home to a sparkling house after a busy day at work!” Angharad - Bishopston  |  September 2018
“We arranged for a cleaner for our parents. Lucy is an excellent timekeeper, happy with her work with no issues, it's all good! ” Wai - Fforest Fach  |  September 2018
“I have a regular weekly cleaner with Well Polished because of poor health, my cleaner Sophie always does a fantastic job, she has a great personality and is always asking me if I need anything. She does the ironing for me and even hangs it in the wardrobe. No complaints what so ever. I really appreciate what Sophie does. ” Mary - Gowerton  |  September 2018
“Due to our regular cleaner being on holiday, we had a cover cleaner this week. I was certainly very happy with our cleaner. Thank you so much, Deana! And also thank you, Gary, for arranging our cover cleaner at such short notice. ” Anne-Marie - Neath  |  September 2018
“Kristie was bright and bubbly and very conscientious. I would rate her highly on the first encounter. Everywhere looks great. ” Angie - Mumbles  |  August 2018
“ I was very very pleased with Kristie. She had method and was most particular. Also chatted pleasantly which was so nice.” Val - Mayals  |  August 2018
“My cleaner Natalie is pleasant, polite and punctual. She cleans my house thoroughly once a week, when she was absent I did have a cover cleaner, Sophie, everything was great and she did a great job too! ” Laura - Dunvant  |  August 2018
“Stacey is perfect, I can't fault her. Everything I ask her to do she does! ” Mr & Mrs Knight - Swansea  |  July 2018
“I am very pleased with the standards that are used by Well Polished Swansea. My cleaning lady is thoughtful and looks at the job as if she was cleaning her own home. She checks her workload with me so we both know what she is doing during her allotted time. She is kind and diligent and very respectful. I would recommend this firm as their training seems very appropriate to each person's needs! ” Mrs. Parry - Swansea  |  July 2018
“Ann is a very efficient and reliable cleaner, no problems what so ever. ” John - Swansea  |  July 2018
“Lynne was extremely friendly, turned up promptly and didn't stop working through the whole 6 hours deep clean. The house looked spotless by the time Lynne left and she also checked if there was anything else we needed to be done, A great service and very professional team.” Melanie - Pontneddfechan  |  July 2018
“Fantastic, very happy with my cleaner Debbie and the service from Well Polished Swansea. ” Stephanie - Swansea  |  June 2018
“I have been desperately seeking an excellent cleaner. I have had a number of cleaners during the last couple of years and unfortunately, we have yet to be totally satisfied with the standard. Surely it's not unreasonable to expect the house to be cleaned to a high standard. Otherwise, what's the point of having a cleaner? And I am happy to say I have found an excellent cleaner, Carin. Thank you Well Polished Swansea! ” Angela - Swansea  |  June 2018
“The cleaner that you sent me was very hard working and never stopped during my deep clean, I am very satisfied! ” Dina - Swansea  |  June 2018
“I have had no problems what so ever with Stacey my cleaner, reliable and always pleasant I would recommend Well Polished Swansea. ” Rusi - Swansea  |  June 2018
“My cleaner is always very efficient and hardworking thank you Well Polished! ” Valerie - Swansea  |  June 2018
“I left the cleaner by her self because I had to go to work then she worked for six hours unsupervised and when I returned home the house looked absolutely awesome! She must have worked non-stop, she did such a great job, thank you Gary!” Naomi - Swansea  |  May 2018
“My cleaner from Well Polished is more than satisfactory, always prompt and hardworking, she just gets on with the jobs I give her without hesitation. I am very happy no problems at all.” Gemma - Swansea  |  May 2018
“It's great that Kirsti can go in once a week to clean the communal areas for my son and his university friends and keep them on the straight and narrow! No problems what so ever.” Tracey - Swansea  |  May 2018
“Ann was a complete star, she worked really hard and didn't let up all day during the deep clean. Thank you Gary!” Cheryl - Swansea  |  May 2018
“Thank you for sending Ann on such short notice. She was a lovely lady and did a great job!” Samantha - Swansea  |  April 2018
“Steph has been cleaning for me for about 4 months now and all I can say is she is fab!It is so nice to come home to a beautifully clean house. Also, Gary is extremely helpful in making sure everything is ok! ” Faye G - Swansea  |  April 2018
“I contacted Well Polished because the price was affordable. I wanted someone to deep clean my bathrooms and do my skirting boards because I have trouble getting down to them! Gary very promptly and efficiently organized it all for me. Debbie the cleaner didn't let up at all even when I offered her a cup of tea! She was very consistent, I am now thinking about having a fortnightly clean and very very satisfied. ” Katherine - Swansea  |  April 2018
“I have been using Well Polished for almost 5 months for my regular cleaning now and I am very satisfied with the service.Richenda my cleaner is extremely efficient, always punctual and friendly I can't fault her at all.” Kay - Swansea  |  April 2018
“Having contacted Gary's company and asking for a 'deep clean' in a house that had been unoccupied for four years and at short notice, I was thrilled that the company could accommodate our request within a few days.Ann was sent to us and I must say she was the most charming lady I've met in a long time!She worked SO hard during the day and I had to insist on her going home after cleaning for 7/8 hours!! Now the house is gleaming.....thank you SO much, Ann!! Must I say thank you too to Gary who kept in touch with us during the week and rang to check that we were satisfied......excellent PR! I would recommend this firm to anyone. ” Angela - Port Talbot  |  March 2018
“I have a busy family home with young children so I am to busy to clean. I am very very pleased with the service Stacey provides me. She's very neat and thorough with her cleaning. More importantly, she's very lovely and friendly.” April - Swansea  |  March 2018
“I came back today to Swansea from Northampton for the day to get my 3 bedroom house deep cleaned because I am moving back to Northampton after studying at Swansea, the cleaner that Well Polished sent me Annmarie was absolutely fantastic really quick she did everything brilliantly.Thanks, Gary!” Rylan - Swansea  |  March 2018
“I wanted to have my house deep cleaned before selling it and moving to Scotland, I wasn't around to check the result so I had a friend do it for me, she checked over the property and said it was immaculate and Lynne the cleaner had done a great job so thank you, Gary.” Hayley - Gower  |  March 2018
“I have a large family home and find the cleaning too much at times, so I contacted Well Polished for a regular weekly clean and Natalie came she is an extremely hard worker and I am very pleased with the service.Everything is fine. ” Angela - Swansea  |  February 2018
“I am very busy and very rarely have time to do the cleaning so I approached Well Polished to help out for a weekly regular clean. All going really well Natalie my cleaner is punctual and very conscientious, so thank you very much....much appreciated. Problem solved!” Karen - Llanelli  |  February 2018
“I am partly in a wheelchair so find basic cleaning around my home difficult. I got in touch with Well Polished for a regular cleaner and they very efficiently sent me Michelle who is just perfect. She does much more than I ask her and she catches on so quickly. She hangs out my washing and even offered to do some shopping for me, much more than a cleaning service I think! Thank you.” Sylvia - Port Talbot.  |  February 2018
“I am selling my fathers flat so I wanted it to be spring cleaned ready for the market, Lynne came on a Sunday morning! And I must say she was very pleasant, extremely keen to work and did a super job, I am more than satisfied. Thank you.” Ben - Morriston  |  February 2018
“I asked Well Polished to do a deep clean on my five bedroom house. The cleaner who came Anne was extremely pleasant and punctual. The clean went on for three days which she did all by herself with no problems what so ever, also she had a nice smile! Now I am definitely arranging for a regular weekly clean, thank you Well Polished.” David - Sketty  |  February 2018
“We are really happy with the quality of Joanna's work each time she visits us. She is friendly and trustworthy which is very important for us. Also, she always contacts me if there is a problem/something that we need to know. Thank you.” Katie - Clydach  |  February 2018
“I have disabilities so I can not manage the cleaning in my flat I asked Gary to send me a reliable cleaner to help out. Keeley, I found to be a hard worker, doing things like door handles and push plates on my doors which many cleaners overlook. She is always pleasant and on time, thank you.” Hywel - Port Talbot  |  January 2018
“We are both not capable to do the cleaning so we have Debbie once a week to help out. She is very good, punctual, very pleasant and all smiles, now our home is much cleaner! Thank you. ” Sylvia and Eric - Port Talbot  |  January 2018
“I find it very difficult to do the cleaning now because of my health problems so I asked Well Polished to find me a cleaner. Now I have Stephaine she is a lovely person always on time, always does what I ask her, no problems what so ever. I look forward to her coming every visit.” Marie - Manselton  |  January 2018
“Anne my cleaner is thorough and a very hard worker. She is a very easy person to have in my house. I would recommend” Paula - Mumbles  |  January 2018
“I contacted Gary at 'Well Polished' about a deep clean on my father's property, what was clearly a sensitive situation, Gary and his delightful hard working cleaners took in their stride. Two other cleaning companies had walked away from the property! However 'Well Polished' not only completed all cleaning to a high standard,they were considerate and extremely professional. can not thank them enough for all the hard work and understanding. If there was an extra star for professional attitude and communication I would not hesitate to award 'Well polished' all 6 stars, with grateful thanks always” Cheryl - Neath  |  January 2018
“Well Polished have been great from the start. Very prompt service from my initial enquiry to finding a suitable cleaner took less than 48 hours! Debbie the cleaner is very professional and I am happy with this service. ” Anne Marie - Neath  |  January 2018
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