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My name is Julie Kempson, and as the owner of Well Polished Crawley I am absolutely delighted to be welcoming you to our website, where it is my job to match you with your perfect cleaner!

As a well established brand, we at Well Polished, have years of experience, and pride ourselves on offering our clients a first class bespoke cleaning service which will ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met efficiently, promptly and to the highest of standards.

All of our friendly, handpicked cleaners are fully insured, reference checked, uniformed and reliable. They take pride in their work and as a result, over the years they have received some wonderful feedback and we as a company have a built up a loyal, friendly and very satisfied client base.

What better way to arrive home after a day at work to find all of the household chores done for you!

Don’t waste your precious weekends cleaning when you could be out having fun with your family and friends. Instead, why not have a regular weekly clean with Well Polished at affordable rates with no long contracts and personally tailored to suit you and your family.

Have any questions? Want to chat about your requirements? Contact me today and I will be happy to talk things over with you!

Join the many thousands of others who are enjoying the benefits of a Well Polished Cleaner.

Julie Kempson Julie Kempson
Crawley Franchise
01293 310077

We offer a range of services to suit our clients requirements

Regular weekly cleaning

The same professional cleaner at a day and time to suit you

Initial deep clean

Bring the sparkle back to your home

Fortnightly Cleaning

A bi-weekly cleaner to keep your home tip-top

Home ironing service

Pressed and put away the same day

Office cleaning

A sparkling environment for the working day


Take away the hassle of household chores

See what our clients are saying about us ....

“Really pleased with the clean. All tidy and clean when I got back. Please pass our thanks onto Sarah and happy for this to continue of course. Sarah did everything we asked and did the whole flat to a great finish! ” Jonathan - Three Bridges  |  June 2019
“I recommend Well Polished to anyone. Ali & Justine were friendly, efficient & made our bathrooms sparkle. Julie was a pleasure to deal with - very quick responses. Will definitely use again” Beccie - Horsham  |  June 2019
“Heidi and Abbi did a good yesterday - so thank you!” Marianne - Pound Hill  |  June 2019
“Clean was great thank you . Polly was fab . Looking forward to seeing her again soon!” Kimberley - Horley  |  June 2019
“Thanks for sending Gemma to Mum’s, it all went well and Mum even said she would be very happy to have her again if Mandy is away. ” Lynne - Crawley  |  June 2019
“Hayley arrived on time, was very friendly, polite and professional. She did a fantastic job on our family bathroom which was absolutely gleaming and also on our ensuite. She was open to discussing what would be good to focus on next time and giving the ensuite a good blitz. In the time frame, I honestly think she did brilliantly and this arrangement will work very well for us. ” Suzanne - Horsham  |  June 2019
“Mandy is super. She works quickly and efficiently to a very high standard. She is friendly and a joy to have in the house. We couldn't be without her, she helps make the house into a home” Kiran - Pound Hill  |  June 2019
“Hayley worked so hard and the place looks amazing. She was wonderful, what a lovely lady you have there. Please pass on my thanks to Hayley for such a brilliant job. I would be more than happy to have her again” Katy - Forge Wood  |  May 2019
“I just wanted you to know what a wonderful job Ali and Justine had done the other day. Thanks to them and thank you!” Sangeet - Three Bridges  |  May 2019
“Hayley has done a good job today and we are happy with the clean” Tracy - Southgate  |  May 2019
“I began using Well Polished almost a year ago now. Starting with a full clean and then a weekly clean. Everything is very well organised. My ladies Justine and Ali are extremely efficient and a delight. It’s great to have a sparkly house especially just going on the market. I can thoroughly recommend them.” Andrew - Three Bridges.  |  May 2019
“We are very lucky that you sent Mandy to us who is great and who mum is very happy with - thank you ” Eileen - Pound Hill  |  May 2019
“Many thanks to Ali and Justine for the excellent work they have done in cleaning my mum’s flat. They were a pleasure to deal with, very helpful, and I could smell the freshness as soon as I walked in. Thank you all for being so professional and efficient. I would certainly recommend your service again. ” Ian( Furnace Green)  |  May 2019
“I have also enjoyed having Sarah and will miss her too. Will certainly use your company again if needed! ” Heidi - Horsham  |  May 2019
“I am going to have to insist that for every future deep clean, I get Justine and Ali! They were the best yet and absolutely aced it! Thanks very much” Becky - Three Bridges  |  April 2019
“It’s so great coming into a beautifully clean house after our long work day Monday! ” Jeanne - Broadbridge Heath  |  April 2019
“Thanks Julie, as always, for the continuing good service and high standards that you and Mandy provide. ” Lynne - Pound Hill  |  April 2019
“I also wanted to say that Hayley was great. She was super nice and did a great job ” Keith - Horsham  |  April 2019
“Ellie was great, lovely lady and really happy with what she did yesterday. Happy to have her as our regular cleaner moving forward” Katy - Forge Wood  |  April 2019
“Please pass on our thanks to Ali and Justine, they did a fantastic job ” Mike - Horsham  |  April 2019
“The ladies were great, I’m very happy with the way they cleaned and their overall attitude.” Liz - Three Bridges  |  March 2019
“Please do pass on my thanks to the cleaner she has been fantastic.” Kirsty - Broadfield  |  March 2019
“We were very pleased with Sarah she was very nice and hard working and friendly. We would like to continue having Sarah on a regular basis.” Jenny - Maidenbower  |  March 2019
“I am very happy with Hayley. House is lovely and clean and she is a really nice pleasant and friendly person. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with her. She even stayed a little longer than she should have which I was hugely grateful for. Thank you so much I am so much happier than with my previous company and cleaner. ” Francesca (Ifield)  |  March 2019
“I wanted to let you know that everything is great with Mandy.” Noel (Worth)  |  March 2019
“Yesterday went really well, Serene was personable and down to earth and Grandad felt comfortable. She did a really good job with the cleaning so thank you so much for arranging everything for us ” Jo - Furnace Green  |  March 2019
“Please be assured that I hold the whole experience of Well Polished in high regard and thank you for the brilliant people I've had cleaning and ironing for me and the service you've offered.” Ian - Three Bridges  |  February 2019
“Amy was great, thank you. Very thorough, very efficient, very friendly. I look forward to her next visit! ” Sandra - Southwater  |  January 2019
“Very pleased with what Lucy got done in the 2 hours. It's going to be a great help!” Sarah- Horley  |  January 2019
“Just wanted to check in to say the ladies today were great! Did an excellent job. ” Rebecca - Three Bridges  |  December 2018
“Amy did a first class job. I look forward to seeing her again in January - thank you” Elizabeth - Horsham  |  December 2018
“I have used other cleaning companies before but Well Polished has been the best. The company is efficiently run and the cleaner they sent did an excellent job, not only thoroughly cleaning my flat, but also my ironing and other odd jobs. I can highly recommend Well Polished” Jackie - Pound Hill  |  December 2018
“Just wanted to say it was lovely to come in on Monday evening and find everything sparkling” Jeanne - Broadbridge Heath  |  December 2018
“I’m so pleased with Lisa. She did a lovely job and is a lovely lady to. Thanks very much. Looking forward to having her regularly. ” Michaela - Southgate  |  November 2018
“Amy is lovely thank you, and I’m sure we’ll be very happy with her. Looking forward to having her back next week. ” Clair - Horsham  |  November 2018
“Just like to comment how wonderful Sue has been over the last 8 months. A credit to Well Polished.” Amber - Horsham  |  November 2018
“Just to let you know we were really pleased with today’s clean with Jackie - please let her know” Fiona - Haywards Heath  |  November 2018
“Justine and Ali did a great job today!! The house has never looked so clean!! The kitchen floor and oven look brand new! ” Janna - Crawley  |  October 2018
“Lucy came promptly at 9.30 am and was very thorough in her work. She did all that I asked her to and very pleasant too. We are more than happy to have Lucy over again! ” Dee - Northgate  |  October 2018
“Nicole did an outstanding job, everything was sparkling. We all noticed. ” Carol - Horley  |  October 2018
“I’m so happy with the service it’s been the best thing my little family have done! Thank you so very much!” Kirsty - Broadfield  |  August 2018
“The quality of Lynne's work is just fantastic. There is no question she is the best cleaner I've ever had, and she continues to be an absolute credit to you and the rest of the team. ” Ian - Three Bridges  |  August 2018
“Sharon has made a big difference to our office, it’s been lovely walking into a clean and tidy work space, everyone has been very impressed with her work.” Sarah - Maidenhead  |  July 2018
“Luda did a really good job, would be happy to have her regularly, thanks ” Madeleine - Pound Hill  |  July 2018
“Hayley has done another good clean, thank you ” Eileen - Burgess Hill  |  July 2018
“All perfect thank you Julie. Kayleigh is a gem! Looking forward to having her here more often! Thanks” Laura - Burgess Hill  |  June 2018
“All went fine yesterday, Anna was great” Christine - Burgess Hill  |  June 2018
“Nicola was great” Helen - Horsham  |  June 2018
“Everything was excellent today. Sophie was very friendly, a great cleaner and we are very happy. Thank you” Mike - Haywards Heath  |  June 2018
“I am very happy with what Jessica has done today” Deb - Hickstead  |  June 2018
“It was nice and clean, Wendy did a good job ” Debbie - Horley  |  June 2018
“I am crying, thank you and Kayleigh so much” Amira - Burgess Hill  |  May 2018
“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with Katie. Massive thanks to her!” Seanna - Horsham  |  May 2018
“Julie was great – she did a good job! Could I please increase her time to 3 hours!” Helen - Horsham  |  May 2018
“Thanks for today Julie. Bella did a fantastic job!” Linda - Horsham  |  April 2018
“All went well with Vida, nice and clean, it all looks fab. Thanks” Ben - Crawley  |  April 2018
“Very happy with Sue – thank you!” Vicky - Smallfield  |  April 2018
“We are very happy with Sue, she's doing an excellent job despite everything being topsy turvey at the moment ” Doreen -Smallfield  |  March 2018
“Sue is brilliant, thank you” Kim - Horsham  |  March 2018
“Hi Julie – just a quick message to say Bonnie is excellent and we are so pleased with her. Best cleaner we have ever had!” Melloney - Maidenbower  |  March 2018
“Everything was done to a good standard. Overall happy with everything that Zoe did” Lynelle - Haywards Heath  |  March 2018
“Hi Julie – I was delighted with Katie, she did a fantastic job” Linda - Colegate  |  March 2018
“Sarah was very good and managed to do the whole house which was great. She did a lovely finish! ” Claire - Horley  |  February 2018
“Hi Julie, Hayley was great today, thank you. House is lovely and sparkling” Jenny - Haywards Heath  |  February 2018
“Ericka has done an amazing job – I can’t believe how clean my house is – it is immaculate, thank you” Sophie - Horsham  |  February 2018
“I would just like to say that Hayley was absolutely lovely and worked very hard. She cleaned very thoroughly and is perfect for my Dad . She is a lovely young lady and a credit to your business! ” Pamela - Burgess Hill  |  February 2018
“Thanks so much for sending Charlie. She has worked really hard today and is a treasure!” Sue - Cowfold  |  February 2018
“Sarah is by far and away the best cleaner we have ever had. She was so friendly and did an exemplary job. She really is a credit to your company and did the most amazing job for us. Huge thanks for introducing us to her and providing us with a brilliant service!” Emma - Slinfold  |  February 2018
“Sarah, she is fantastic, thank you. On only her first visit I can instantly tell the difference and that she’s very good at what she does so please thank her for me and thanks to you for organising!! ” Andrew - Smallfield  |  February 2018
“I must say that I was very impressed with Dorina. The place was spotless and tidy, which was a relief after it had been left in such a mess. She did all the things I asked her to and also offered to do not only my ironing but also my washing” Jackie - Pound Hill  |  January 2018
“Lynne has done a fantastic job, really pleased. Thank you” Ian - Three Bridges  |  January 2018
“Regrettably we are giving a months notice to ‘give up’ Sue. This is only because we are moving house, and hopefully once we are all moved, settled etc we can begin again! Sue has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you” Mark and Fiona - Broadbridge Heath  |  January 2018
“Caroline did a really thorough job so I was really impressed!” Lucy - Maidenbower  |  January 2018
“Can you please convey my thanks to Caroline for her reliability and hard work” Gina - Horley  |  January 2018
“OMG - Jenny is AMAZING. So pleased with her!” Jayne - Ifield  |  January 2018
“Gillian is brilliant and we are extremely happy with her” Calum Giles - Olympic Hockey Player  |  January 2018
“" Hayley is fab - have been really pleased with her last two weeks of cleaning. Thank you" ” Lucy from Southgate
“I am happy with Gaynor, she did a very good job on Monday. ” Anna Pound Hill
“The cleaners that they provided were always polite, conscientious, and did a good job. If anyone went off sick or couldn't make it Julie always found a replacement. Good overall service” David - Three Bridges
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